How can a technology retailer be "green"?

568471_20104915     At Phone-In we like to think we do our bit to look after our environment. Here is some of the great stuff we do to keep the planet better kept for our future generations


  • We recycle 100% of electrical waste generated from our repair services

  • We have a "BatteryBack" bin in our store so members of the public can safely dispose of household batteries and save them going to landfill

  • Replaced 70% of our showroom lighting with super efficient LED

  • A WEEE takeback scheme is in place on comparable electrical products purchased from us (we then arrange for them to be recycled)

  • Supplying a wide range of batteries & power supplies for older mobiles hence lengthening their useful life

  • We recycle old mobile phones through our connections with various charities enabling them to be either reused or broken down safely.



     Being green should not just be a buzz word but a way of life. If you have a suggestion to help reduce our carbon footprint, feel free to let us know